Staff Shortages
WTTC provides recommendations that governments and businesses can use to address labour shortage
Digital Solutions For Reviving International Travel
What is the role of Interoperability & Digital Travel Portals?
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Understand emerging consumer trends in Travel & Tourism in 2021 and beyond
WTTC Global Summit
Our 21st Global Summit will take place in Manila, Philippines, from 14-16 March 2022

World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) represents the Travel & Tourism sector globally

For over 30 years, WTTC has conducted research on the economic impact of Travel & Tourism in 185 countries and issues such as overcrowding, taxation, policy-making, and many others to raise awareness of the importance of the Travel & Tourism sector as one of the world’s largest economic sectors.

As a non-profit membership-based organisation, our members and partners are the core of our organisation and include over 200 CEOs, Chairpersons, and Presidents of the world’s leading Travel & Tourism companies from all geographies and industries. 

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WTTC response to France re-opening borders to UK travellers

WTTC response to France re-opening borders to UK travellers


WTTC calls for borders to remain open and safe travel to continue



WTTC calls on EU governments to avoid reintroduction of severe travel restrictions


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WTTC's work to restart the sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the world. Throughout this time, we have worked closely with sector associations, our members, and Governments to restart the Travel & Tourism sector.

WTTC's Events & Webinars

Alongside our own Events & Webinars, including the world-renowned Global Summit, we participate in a number of industry and global webinars to promote the sector's importance, our work, and the COVID-19 recovery plans.

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We have a range of Membership categories that offer exclusive opportunities to organisations, large and small, across the Travel & Tourism sector. Join the global community working hard to accelerate recovery.

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