WTTC Responds to Latest UK Government Announcement

Gloria Guevara, WTTC President & CEO, said:

“Public health is paramount, and we fully support the UK governments latest announcement which aims to curb a second spike of the virus.

“However, these latest measures will also come as a huge disappointment to the hard-pressed hospitality industry, just as it had begun to recover.

“Tens of thousands of smaller businesses and SMEs, such as cafes, taxis, restaurants, bars and office support services, across the country rely upon commuters for their business and livelihoods. So, whilst the government’s measures should have an impact in terms of slowing down the virus, asking people to work from home will immediately impact jobs, causing further damage and setback to the UK’s fragile economic recovery.

“While we are encouraged that the wearing of face masks is being taken more seriously, WTTC believes the time has come for the government to make the wearing of face masks mandatory – both inside and outside where social distancing is not possible. We must learn from the health experts and the medical evidence available, which shows that wearing face masks provides the highest level of protection against transmission at 82%

“We all have to accept our responsibility to protect not only ourselves but those around us who may be vulnerable to the virus.”

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