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Industry Partners

The Travel & Tourism industry and WTTC's Members are ably served by a number of key individuals and organisations from other sectors upon whom they rely for a huge range of products and services. In recognition of the contribution of these organisations, a select few have been invited to become official WTTC Industry Partners.

Our Industry Partners will be encouraged to join the debate, and become active participants in initiatives and events alongside our Members. This level of involvement will deliver the benefit of close association with the world's leading Travel and Tourism brands, as well as tremendous networking opportunities with the industry's top chief executives, leading journalists, renowned experts and government officials.

Industry Partners

J W Marriott, Jr

J W Marriott Jr.
Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Marriott International

"I think WTTC has brought together different people from different parts of the industry; travel operators, hotel operators, airlines - this is a very diverse industry and WTTC has brought a lot of diverse interests together to form a coalition that is heard around the world."